Honoring One Another




One of the many reasons I signed up for this Mustang Makeover was because I knew that I would learn and grow from this experience.  Never could I have imagined the growth to be as powerful as it has been.  Saint has pried open places I have had locked up for years.

Many have asked about my silence and what is happening with Saint. I am so grateful for those who are enjoying this journey as much as I am, though sometimes I need to step back from all the noise to hear what is being said in the silence to gain clarity about what I feel is right and to follow my intuition.  If you know me you know that my internal guidance and connection to my source leads me through out my life.

The first 10 days with Saint were more challenging than almost any other Mustang or Domestic horse I have ever worked with.  In these first days I found myself focusing on the need to get him to want to be with me. I wanted him to smell my hand, reach out, touch me, follow me, you know… All the pretty stuff.  The walk on the clouds, life is perfect and soft and goes exactly as planned. What people on the internet want you to believe horsemanship is. Well I have news for you… That is so far from the truth!  The old Lisa was the one who shared only the powerful moments.  The beauty in the end. The “look what I did with this wild horse aren’t I great” image. If I did that I would be feeding you a line of crap and creating a belief that times are always good and easy, when they are NOT.  The only reason the Powerful beautiful moment exist is because someone was willing to walk through the fire.



And the fire is what I have always been afraid to share with the world. Its Raw, Vulnerable and scary as hell.   Working with Saint has brought me to a place where I can not live in any other way but to walk in my fullest truth and share even the icky moments. Saint is demanding it.

So here I am cracking my heart open about the last few weeks.

In the beginning he wanted nothing to do with me or any of my ideas and in many ways he still doesn’t. The normal “Round Pen work” at liberty was completely unpersuasive.  In fact it did the opposite. On day two, what I perceived as Saint following me because he wanted to be with me, the following day turned into a charge. Though the next 5 days we were able to make more success including getting the halter on, he still attempted this pattern.

It had been a long time since I had felt fear around a horse and Saint brought this up in me.  I wanted to walk in guarding myself but I knew that if I was coming from a closed, guarded, fearful and defensive place that he would come from that place as well.   If I was going to prove to him that he could trust me then I needed to be someone worth trusting, and fearful and defensive were certainly not part of that equation.

Several times during a session I would catch myself sinking into the rut of distrust. Breathing and shifting my thoughts were only helping so much.  One of the things I realized I needed to let go of was my attachment to needing him to want to be with me. As long as I was attached to this, it would create an internal energy force that would work against us. It was my old co dependent needs sneaking in.  When I let go of this, Trust was able to emerge!  It brought more peace and relaxation for the both of us knowing that I was not trying to control him in a needy way.


Years ago when I went through a dark time in my life, I discovered that music cleared my mind, shifted my thoughts and changed my whole day. Since then I use music on a daily basis to connect, visualize and inspire me.  Music was my answer to helping me let go of my fears!

So I grabbed my little amazing music box that my Mitchy gave me for my birthday and went to the arena! I made Saint his own playlist (Yes, Saint has a playlist) and began working with empowering songs and singing them to Saint to help me stay focused, come from an open heart and Trust. Any fear and tension that came in was quickly moving through my body and leaving.  With each session I began to see more and more changes.  Something as small a sigh with a little relaxation was a big deal to this horse. The music was working!


Now that we have added music and began some scratches on the neck and his barrel, I noticed his hair falling off in big clumps.  At first I assumed he was a molting kind of horse rather than a shed-er.  Then the next morning I came out and there were big bare patches on all his flanks, chest and neck!  This is why I have not been posting any pictures of him on social media.  I was trying to figure out exactly what it was. I called The BLM facility where he came from and they were very helpful.  I thought it could possibly be an allergic reaction to his supplements at first. Then with further examination we discovered it was mange caused by an internal parasite.  Deworming him with Ivermectrin was the only solution. So how do you get meds in a wild horse?   You make him a tasty soup!


Since his first day of arrival he has been eating a Beet pulp, Ultium, electrolyte, platinum soup, Thanks to my over the top awesome sponsors at Simply Country for feeding him only the best!!   He was already in love with his daily soup so I added the tasty wormer and mixed it in.  He gobbled it up right away!  I am hoping to see some new hair growth in these places soon!

Now that WE have worked on learning to trust, overcome fears and tackle the mange, a new discovery is emerging.  I first noticed it the day I unloaded him from the trailer and it seemed so small.  Then a few days later in a missed step.  Then a few days later a friend noticed it and it was a little bigger,  2 days after that he slipped in a muddy section in the round pen and now it was very clear.  Saint has something going on with his stifle.

As I look back on the video of when we unloaded him I should have known.  I think I did but did not want to acknowledge it because I had already loved him. He was the horse I connected with months before that day. I prayed about him 1000 times over!  He was meant to come to me.

I immediately called my vet and gave him bute. He came out and did a zebra evaluation (Only Looking, as Saint would not allow for much more).  He discovered a small pouch of fluid at the stifle. It was very clear that Saint was in pain.  Standing, resting his hoof on the toe and not wanting to take even one step.

So many questions began to bombard my mind.  Will he heal fully? Was he born with a weak stifle or did this happen in the wild? Was he lunging at me because he was in pain? Why this horse!!!??

My heart crumbled into pieces each day as I walked out the door to make his soup.  I have cried every night sitting next to him under the stars as he eats. I have not felt my hear ache this much in such a long time.


IMG_8887It has now been 6 days on bute and I have began walking him for 8 minuets twice a day while listening to our music.  Afterwards I spend time giving him lots of scratches and grooming him with the rubber curry.  This down time is proving to be as good for him as it is for me.


Not having any agenda other than scratching and giving him love has reconnected me to the little 8-year-old girl deep inside. The little girl who brought an apple to the horses that whinnied at the sight of her on her bike. The little girl who forgot about the world because the smell of horses was in the air!  When I reconnect to this joyful place he let’s go. Stretching his neck around, moving his lip back and forth as I scratch.  He is beginning to find the joy in theses little moments!  Saint now waits for me by the gate each day.  Raising his head high when I call his name.  Watching me where ever I go when he can see me. He is truly something special.


As nice as those moments are, it is not all quiet and smooth yet. Saint is still extremely reactive and snorty.  He needs lots of desensitization work and we will work on that more after he heals. We will take the walking and grooming one day at a time for now.  This competition is secondary to me. I absolutely refuse to do anything other than what Saint needs. This is not a race for us.  This is a journey with discoveries to be made.  About us. Who we are. Who we will become. All to be found in honoring one another.

Any of your good vibes, Love, prayers or blessing would be greatly appreciated for his healing. Much Love to you all and Thank You for reading!

Saint Walking











Moments Filled With Love

10 Remarkable Days

As I sit on this plane headed back to Sacramento, I can’t help but to reflect and soak in all the meaningful moments I have experienced with my friends and horses in the last 10 days.  Each day contained its own set of emotions. Everything from..












And above all…. Love.  

These ups and downs have a way of making me feel so alive.

We started the weekend with The Women’s Empowerment workshop.  What began with joy and excitement quickly became a place of safety, openness and vulnerability.  The discoveries made as we worked with the horses became life changing. Horses bring out the best in us, if we are willing to let them in.  They connect us to a deep space of love that we may not even know exist until we slow down to acknowledge it. In the end, we all found ourselves embracing the power of the horse and connecting to each other in a stronger and more loving way.  The tears shed were not always tears of sadness but tears from feeling supported and loved!

Each woman grew in her own way.  It was the weekend of a lifetime that left me with the blissful feeling of being right where I am meant to be, doing what I am meant to be doing.



Through the week my totally amazing friend Gina, had adventures planned for us! This was a real treat, as I am usually working and forget to make adventures for myself back home.

Waking up to Fire Drill and Piyo workouts was exactly what I needed. Man, did my abs burn!

After our workouts we would make the quick run to the local Dunkin for our Iced Caramel Coffee!  Mmmmmm!!!!  I found it a little hilarious that they knew Gina by name and what she ordered when she drove up.  IMG_8410

One of the days Gina surprised me with a riding lesson with British Dressage Rider, Stephen Hayes. Not only did he have a charming accent but his presence was soft and open while communicating with me.  His gentle but firm way of helping me find the answer with the horse I was riding helped me feel at ease and stay in an absorbing frame of mind. In the end we were able to help the horse make some wonderful changes and shift her thinking.  Stephens love for teaching horse and rider was clearly felt. This was not a job to him, but rather a way of being and enjoying life.


Driving home from Warwick New York was long but well worth it. We stumbled upon a spectacular little tack store crammed with some of the nicest riding apparel I have ever seen!  We were like two little 6 year old girls, giddy and excited, trying on clothes and ogling over tack!    I couldn’t help myself so I indulged in the opportunity and bought a new helmet! Gina found a snazzy red dressage whip she couldn’t resist. Shopping is fun but shopping for horse stuff… is a new level of fun.

The following days were filled with working with the young ones and hitting the trail.

These Oldenburg’s were amazing.  Their natural movement especially over the

Pompeii after our ride

ground poles made me literally laugh out loud! It was so dang fun! On the trail I let one of them open up in a good strong canter.  There is something about letting our horses open up that not only helps them, but helps us let go of our stuff too. Not sure what I let go of that day, but it sure felt good!!




One of the things Gina worked with me on while I was here was my 2 point position.  It’s amazing how we can ride for over half our life and still need work on the basics. After all, advancement is just refinement of the basics!   


Already being sore from working out, Gina walked me through finding my 2 point position and cheered me on even when I wanted to quit!  Her loud and solid encouragement helped me hold my vision of becoming a stronger rider, even though my legs were on fire, lol

It was during this time that I saw Ginas passion unleash. She will do all that is needed to help her clients become the best riders they can be. “Don’t quit” she yelled with a smile.  “You can do it!”

Lets Dance DressAGE

She demonstrates her passion through the time and knowledge she dedicates to them and when the moment gets tough she sticks through it, making sure they find their way to the other side. Her drive to help her clients succeed is straight from the heart which is a rarity in our industry. She is one powerful and remarkable woman and it has been an honor spend the week with her!

Feel free to visit Gina’s Facebook page at LetsDanceDressage



With only a few days left in my trip I was super excited to be headed over to Evergreen Farms to visit with my friends Peg and Terry Helder. Along with breeding some of the most beautiful and well minded paint horses in the world, (and I am not exaggerating)  they are also one of the kindest and most genuine couple I have met. Peg opened her home to me, let me oversleep and even made bacon for breakfast! Her heart is so big! I just adore her!



Terry has a way of making me laugh constantly. His stories and jokes are simply unending!  Seriously. I’m laughing right now just thinking about them. lol

Aside from them being totally amazing individuals, they are…Beyond Remarkable Horsemen!

It takes a special love and passion to be the best at it all and that is exactly what Peg and Terry are doing!  From Dressage to Reining, then from English Pleasure to Ranch Horse, their horses do it all. You can see all their remarkable horses here… http://www.evergreenpaints.com/.

Currently they have founded the ECRRA.  The East Coast Ranch Riding Association.  You can check it out here if you like..  http://www.ecrrassociation.com/

I just love their mission statement!   “To move the western horse forward”, and that they are!   

While I was there Peg was willing to help me with one of my biggest weaknesses… Performing a pattern!

In California I don’t show much .. in fact I don’t show at all.  Just the sheer thought of being asked to do a pattern made my palms sweaty. I have been wanting to change this for myself for a long time and never really knew how other than sign up for a show and crash course it. Hahaha


Through sharing my insecurity with Peg she was such a sweetheart and took some time out of her busy day to help me change this.  She let me ride one of her great horses “Boots”.  She helped me with my equitation (shortened my stirrups) and reminded me a zillion times to soften my lower back.

She guided me through lead changes and getting my timing down. Boy oh boy am I going to practice this at home!

Peg and Terry gave me a pattern to read over and practice. Then Terry walked me through each step in the process and what a judge would like to see.

This was such an over the top experience! After I did the pattern a few times I found myself breathing into it and calmly transitioning into the next step. My timing was still off with my lead change but hey… It was my first day ever doing this kind of a pattern where things had to happen right where the paper said.  This took the whole “Oh my gosh this is a pattern and it needs to be perfect” Edge off!!  Peg and Terry are fantastic teachers!!  If you ever get a chance to do one of their clinics, you won’t regret it!!   A BIG Thank YOU and HUGS to both of them for taking the time to help me overcome this challenge!  

This picture is from last year when Peg let me ride her pride and joy, Chase.










During one of those days I was blessed with an opportunity unlike any other. The chance to watch Guy Mclean work with his team. If you have never seen Guy with his team,  Here is a short video to watch… https://youtu.be/0onBYk-Z9l8  



No lights, No cameras, No crowds.  Just Guy with his horses.  

As I approached quietly and sat on the edge of an old chair with my hands in my pockets to stay warm, I watched with the utmost of observation. Listening and feeling the energy, soaking in every ounce I could. Words can not describe the conversation between him and his horses.

They were in the flow.  The place where two souls meet and speak without saying a word.


The power in the 42 Tempi changes, the spins and the roll backs.  When the bridle came off, Spinabbey was equally responsive as he was with it. Hope, Aussie and Lightning, each one displayed their honor in giving their all during this time.  

With every ride he takes the time to tell them one by one, how much he loves them.  With one hand over the forelock and one behind the ear he whispers how special they are to him.  How much gratitude he has for their presence and love.

Do they understand? You bet they do. To this day I have never seen horses love someone as much as they do him. His love for his horses didn’t fill the space around them, it filled the whole arena!    

Being in this space reminded me of when I was a little girl and I would just sit with the horses and tell them how much I loved them.  Never did I doubt that they could understand every feeling I had. It reconnected me to why I do what I do. When you give yourself fully to the horse, they see the truth of who you are and the love you have in you from the time you were born. They return this love in tenfold.

That is what I saw with guy and his horses. Those moments spent with each horse individually will never be forgotten. Never have I seen such grace and beauty with a herd and their human. It was an absolute honor to watch.


My whole trip was filled with moments like this where nothing but beauty and love shined!

The gift I found in this trip?

You can perform the task…

Train the horse…

Have the adventure…

But if you don’t have Love

You are missing the fullness of life.  

Every Moment is filled with love, we just have to open up to it~


A Sure Kind Of Way

An experience with a Spotted Draft reminded me to be the change I wanted to see.

The sun was sinking and the temp was dropping here at Gentle Giants Horse Rescue in Mt Airy Maryland.  As I looked around the arena to find one more horse left. His name was Kanin.  A Big brown and white Spotted Draft. Jumpy as all heck.  Enough to make you jump in your own skin.  You know, that feeling when you are grooming your horse and everything is quiet and peaceful then BAM! HE jumps and that makes you jump. Yep that is Kanin. HAHAHA.

I  worked with Kanin the day before and helped him make some breakthroughs on his hyper reactivity.  I walked up with a calming voice and offered a hand for him to smell, slowly making my way to his neck for some rubs. As I removed his blanket he held on to his anxiety.  I could feel it all bottled up inside, like a 2 liter bottle of soda all shook up, internalizing and filling with pressure.  When the blanket came off he ran side to side expressing his worry.

Moving into the ground work with a flag and working on helping him unlock his hips when he became worried about the pressure. It was a big deal to him. Jumpy and reactive seemed to be his middle name. When I felt like he was softer, more relaxed and engaged, I climbed up in the saddle. He felt stiff and tense.  Even in his walk, his left hip locked up every few steps. After some lateral work he felt a little softer so we moved into a trot. Trotting until I felt a layer come off and the tension dissipate then we called it a day.



Today, Kanin is again, in the arena awaiting his turn.  Patrick was complete with his horses for the day so he took a seat to observe my work.

As I approach Kanin the same old story returned.  Like a Jack rabbit jumping out of a hole, Kanin jumps out of his skin. Yep, you guessed it,  he caused me to jump as well. I took a deep breath, laughed it off and decided at that very moment, today was going to be different. Today I am not accepting his old story of “I am a fearful horse”.  I immediately found my strong solid presence inside and moved forward with a new story around Kanin.  My new story is, Kanin is a solid confident horse. He knows exactly what I want at all times, so long as I know what I want and I am confident in asking.

No more slow and easy does it. If we are saying “its okay… its okay” while walking up all slow and creepy, what we are actually saying to the horse is… “Its not okay, its not okay”. We have all done it at least once in our lifetime and the moment we said it was in a moment we were predicting a negative outcome. Hahaha, We are a weird species. LOL

Shifting my thoughts caused me to change my approach and reaction towards him. This time I walked up to him with a nice pace and solid presence. Kanin jumped again only this time I did not react.  I responded.  I kept walking up with my solid presence, a laugh and with the thought of “Kanin, what are you doing? I want you to just stand here. Quietly. While I take your blanket off.” Kanin took a deep sigh and lowered his head with a slight snort. With Kanin standing still from that moment forward, I removed his blanket.


I confidently brushed the mud from his belly and saddled him up. We walked to the center of the arena with my flag in hand as I ask him to stop and simply stand while facing me. All of this time he has still not jumped or reacted to anything.

As my fingers began to chill through my gloves I found myself still maintaining constant mindfulness of my posture, thought and presence.  All of which reflect the confidence he feels from me. As I turned to face Kanin, I could see his anticipation of wanting to run left or right to begin lunging in a circle. I stood grounded with a deep intent on letting him know all I wanted was for him to stand and engage with me for a moment.  As he trotted off in one direction I put a sharp focus on his hips and upped the energy with my flag. A few strides later his mind came back to me. His feet stopped and after a brief moment his mind shifted.

This moment right her is extremely important. This is when the horses brain can find it’s landing place if we let it. The re writing of their story happens here.(We will go way more into detail about this in another blog)  His mind wanted to hurry right through what we were doing.  I did not prevent it from leaving me but rather found a way to bring his energy and mind back to me. Standing in one place, I took a deep breath and released any tension in my body. As I did this… So did he.  Kanin found the peace and relaxation with me, rather than while leaving me. This is the beginning of creating a horse who looks to us for the solution.

My plan was to ask him to step across with his shoulder, move forward a few steps on the circle and step under with his inside hind, then change direction, all at the walk.


As I asked I could feel him step out smoothly, move forward freely and then get all sticky when I asked for the hip.  I immediately got big with my flag and asked for it fast!  This is when Patrick Hollered at me from the far end of the arena..

“Lisa, Think about asking, not in a hurried kind of way but a Sure Way!”

A sure way?  Hummmm,  Interesting?  Because that was part of what I was practicing in other areas with Kanin.  Maybe Patrick felt my unsureness in that moment? Or maybe I could accomplish the same with less speed and a more meaningful energy?  Or maybe I could accomplish MORE with less speed and more meaningful energy?

“Okay” I hollered back with pure eagerness to explore this new idea.

“Sureness? What does sureness feel like? What does a person who is sure look like?  How do they walk?  How do they just BE sure?” all these thoughts cross my mind as I am walking around getting ready to ask Kanin again for his hip.

Here it goes.. Me being sure with every fiber of my soul.  Sending him out with his shoulder, trotting on the circle and asking for his hip.  One, two, three, I’m still asking and I feel like he is still running forward with locked up hips and anxiety about not feeling safe.  Finally after a few more steps his mind begins to come in and he softens and yields his hip.


I took a deep breath and waited.  Kanin, finally released, dropped his head and licked and chewed. His brain was processing everything that was happening. Taking in the new and letting go of the old.  I asked again. And again. Maintaining my calm sureness. After about 10 minuets I could see Kanin becoming more sure about being with me and participating in a more engaged way.  He was blowing down and stretching his neck, becoming soft as butter. This was awesome! I discovered something! With the help of Patrick of course.  I don’t call him the legend for nothing. LOL

Not only was I able to explore what presence I was projecting to my horse and the effect it had but also that there is a fine line between a horse who is ignoring and a horse who is expressing a need to feel safe. This does not mean that I become smaller … this means I become sure in my being. Win him over with your presence.

At this time I felt like Kanin had made some major changes. I was ready to see how he felt under saddle. Climbing up and just sitting for a moment felt good.  His head was stretched down and waiting for me to ask him what I wanted. He even gave a yawn at this time!  A step through the hip first as we walked off. He was soft and responsive. Walking along and asking for a few soft serpentines in a very specific way felt productive.  Kanin felt like a different horse from the night before.

Making sure I brought my sureness with me to the saddle, I checked my posture and felt more changes in the horse underneath me.

IMG_3797  IMG_3800



Patrick asked me to move into the trot.  Picking up the trot I could feel some bracyness come through the bridle and moments in the hip.  When I felt this I went right back to softening the hip, not with speed but with sureness and the softness in my body. Helping him find his safe place. With his leader who was sure and calm.  Before long Kanin was trotting along wanting so badly to relax and stretch his neck. This was such a wonderful feeling for me, as this horse was very tight and worried the day before. The ultimate is when he blew down through his nose while trotting on a loose rein with his head sinking and body melting in movement.  All I could do was inhale and soak in this moment! These little discoveries are what I call My Little Gold Nuggets.



Many of us would say we know our horses mirror what we project.  If we are fearful, our horse will pick up on this and become more fearful. If we become frustrated, as does our horse. Well Patrick threw me another Gold Nugget the other day when he said ” Don’t like what you are seeing?  Give your horse something better to mirror”.



Be The Change You Want To See ~Gandhi

Finding The Integrated Seat


An Integrated Seat? That was my exact response when Patrick asked if I knew what it was.  I had a big beautiful Belgian/TWH trotting underneath me as I was puzzled of what this integrated seat was.  He began coaching me on how to find the place that my pelvis plugs into the horses back.  “Now lift your core slowly, he said. Feel the burn. LOL.”

I recognized this burn in my abs feeling from a few weeks prior in my Pilates session.  We had been working on isolating my pelvis and then integrating the abdominal muscles around it correctly.  Resetting the firing patterns in my muscles so I could rid myself of old bad riding habits and begin using my body symmetrically. Everything my amazing Pilates instructor taught me was now being used in the exact same way on the horse.

“Hold there” said Patrick.  Feel that?  WOW!!!  I instantly felt the energy surge from my horses hips through my whole body. Right, Left, Right, Left, Right Left.  Oh how I will remember that moment!

“Now lengthen your legs” This was the most challenging for me.  Having been in accidents, starting many colts and riding mostly problem horses over the years, My body has subtly been riding in a defensive mode.  Then again, maybe not so subtly. LOL. Riding with shorter stirrups has not helped me become a better rider.  Doing my best to lengthen my legs I could feel my hip flexors being stretched.   Thanks to my good friend holding a stretch class in the weeks prior, I was able to feel what part I was stretching, and help unlock my pelvis. Had I not done this off the horse first, I would of had no idea what the heck my body was doing and what part needed to lengthen.  This did not mean it was easy by any means, after all, now I was on 1,500lbs of circulating energy.

In the end Patrick ended up tying my stirrups to the back cinch to help me feel exactly where my feet needed to be for a balanced and integrated seat to help my horse move.

Not only did this feel incredibly awkward, but I suddenly felt like a beginner rider all over again.  Can anyone say VOLUNERABLE! LOL.  Wooooo… glad I got that out of the way.

Then there were more body tweaks like the shoulders.  Since I have been doing more push ups and planks each day, they had been strengthened enough to hold themselves pretty well. Its more my awareness of asking them to stay there now that I must work on.

I still have so much to work on but it feels liberating to finally be moving out of my defensive shell!  In the end I asked Patrick what the difference was between an independent seat and an integrated seat.  His response was,

“An independent seat sits on a horse.  An integrated seat sits in a horse, being completely engaged in motion.”



Picture #1

In this first Picture you can see my super short sturrips and how my body is completely out of Alignment! My seat is not balanced at all!  I am disengaged in my core and there for not communicating through my seat. Gosh this is embarrassing! LOL  But hey.. Someone has to be on the chopping block if I want my riders to learn! lol.



Picture #2


Picture number 2 is after 40 min of work on my body at finding the integrated seat. Then aiming to lengthen the leg and maintain my core engagement. It is still not perfect but I am much closer than I was.  Can you see what a difference there is in my body position in the pictures below?




In a nut shell I learned you can never have a horse who is using his body balanced and correct if you are not using your body balanced and correct.  Do not expect your horse to put out 100 percent effort for you if you are only willing to give 50 for yourself. He will meet you where you are. Physically and Emotionally.   I encourage you to up your game with yourself!  Work on YOU, and you will see your horse change!


Love to you all ~ Lisa















My Quest For Greater Knowledge

It has been 4 days now since I left my home and family in California.  I have struggled for years to begin my blog which I deemed as difficult.  Letting go of this past view and doing what one person has recently mentioned to me in a hilarious manor.. “Pull your head our of your ass Lisa Calder” LOL,   really seems to wake up that part of me that wants to hide. So here I am, really showing up, sharing my experiences with you and allowing myself to feel vulnerable. I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I enjoy being on this quest for greater knowledge. Enjoy~



Flying Away

Baltimore bound! As I embark on this adventure I sit in solitude taking in this moment. My curiosity about the unknown has me extremely excited!! Leaving my family for a whole month for an Amazing Opportunity to study horsemanship with “The Legend” Patrick King.

I have deep gratitude to everyone who has helped make this possible!!
Patrick for being willing to put up with my ass for the month, lol, and My Mitchy for recognizing how much becoming an amazing horsewoman means to me! Taking on all the responsibilities takes a lot of heart and strength and he is doing it without batting an eye! 💜
Melly, thank you for supporting your mamas dreams!!💜💜   Love to you all!
Let the adventure begin!